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Call for Questions!

My mom (Gracie Tucker aka Mama Grace) and I (Luci Furious) have talked for years about doing an advice column together – a mother/daughter perspective from two women from different generations who are very opinionated and don’t always agree.   Mama Grace is a Glora Steinem-era feminist – i.e. Ms. Magazine subscription back in the day, kept her own last name when she got married.  Gets all kinds of outraged at people’s gender role expectations.  Mama Grace generally dispenses practical and helpful information, even when I don’t always agree.   As for myself, I had a hard time thinking about my advice-giving technique, so you’ll just have to submit your questions and read to find out!

Send us your questions about life, work, friends, social dilemmas – whatever!  We’ll publish them anonymously, discuss them and post our discussion as a response!  Send your questions to

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