Cannabis Talk Time ep 2

In today’s episode we are discussing food, sex, and consent under the influence. Very exciting episode, and as always send any questions or comments over to

By Tashi

I am a mid-twenties former student - formerly a full-time caregiver for my husband 'Wash' who had Glioblastoma Multiforme - End stage brain cancer. He passed away in Sept 2012 one month after his 28th birthday. I have a medical anthropological background and was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome as an adult in 2006. My husband was in college for Architecture studies before he withdrew due to the cancer. I am a Humanist and a very large nerd. Wash identified as a geek. I have been in the alternative scene for a period in my life and have had over 70 piercings. I have also held a long term job working with Real Estate agents. Both my husband and I are supporters of legalizing Medical Cannabis. Home is in the Valley of the Sun, Arizona with our two cats.

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Hey guys, since you talk about pot and sex in this episode, I was wondering… do you know if being high or regular pot use can make it more difficult to get off, especially for men? Thanks!

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