#First World Problem

#Firstworldproblem that’s the hashtag some Twitter friends use when they complain about something like “Gah! My iPhone isn’t syncing!” #firstworldproblem
“Forgot my laptop at home, can’t log in at Starbucks like I was planning” #firstworldproblem
“Doh! The store is out of  {insert fav treat here}” #firstworldproblem

You get the picture. Things we complain about because of our good fortune. Currently, my area is under a fire watch, and I believe it’s officially been called a “severe drought area”. Except, you know, we still have running water. I can see water in the retention pond out my window. I haven’t seen any water bans or alternating lawn watering days yet.

These are all First World inconveniences when it doesn’t rain. Clean drinking water? Not really even an issue in suburbia. Sure I know people who filter meticulously, but local city water water won’t give you diarrhea. It does not contain amounts of bacteria that will make you sick. Local water won’t kill you.

Sadly, this is not the case for the developing world. To bring attention to this very serious issue, is hosting Blog Action Day 2010 tomorrow. Blogs from all over the world will post on this topic, to bring it to light and raise awareness (and hopefully funds).

Check back tomorrow for posts here, and links to more! Click on the above link to learn more, and sign your own blog up to participate!

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