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I’m planning on doing a review/commentary on tonight’s episode of Glee.  I’m writing the intro before I snuggle up with the Tivo remote and my friends at McKinley High.  I’m a little nervous, tonight’s the Rocky Horror ep.  I have some great memories of RHPS, and Glee always does a pretty good job of making me nostalgic-in-a-good-way, but I’m worried. 

Liking Glee has become internet unpopular, but I’ve never really been all that cool, so I still love it.  I came for the snark and I stayed for the showtunes, and now my heart just swells for the little engines that could in good ole Lima, Ohio.  I’m hoping this ep I’m about to watch will be chocolate in my peanut butter fantastic, but the jury is still out.

Later on that night: Holy crap! That was fan-freaking-tastic! Even with creepy, stalker Will.  I actually rather enjoy when this show turns Mr. Schue’s apparent goody two-shoes persona on it’s ear and drags him down into the gutter with everyone else.  The character is more fun when he’s misbehaving.

Also, a relatively low Rachel episode, which I find a bit of relief.  I love me some Ms. Berry, in small doses.

This episode was light on student drama, except for a very interesting switch up about body image, with the Glee boys fretting over how they would look in their costumes.  Since I’m used to seeing women (especially the tragic rom-com heroine and her wacky best friend) doing this on TV, in books and in movies, it was kind of refreshing to see Murphy give these conversations to Finn, Sam and Artie.

The main plot centered on Will and Emma, with Will becoming jealous when he notices Emma’s super cute boyfriend John Stamos is helping her work through her OCD.  By taking her to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show, which she loves, even with the toast and the water.   In classic Smooth Will mode, he tells Emma he’s coincidentally selected RHPS for the Glee club to perform for the school musical.   Emma is suspicious, and her face clearly expresses her inner monologue of “Jesus, dude, you’re starting to get a little Susie Pepper on my ass.”

Sue’s henchwoman Becky dresses as Sue for Halloween and it’s awesome.  I love that Becky has become Sue’s Selma Green, minus the cross-dressing.  Meanwhile, Sue is delivering an awesomely hilarious Sue’s Corner on Halloween. Her segment is viewed by new station owners Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf in the best cameos this show may have ever pulled off, who clue Sue in to the upcoming production, asking her to secretly film an exposé and potentially earn herself a local Emmy.  Sue is sold.

Mike Cheng, he of the lovely abs and mad dancing skill, volunteers to play Frank N. Furter after Kurt turns down the role.  I fully support this choice of Kurt’s, because he was incredible as Riff Raff.   Later, Mike’s folks call the ixnay, when they learn their son will be playing a transvestite.   The show is canceled when a replacement can’t be found – until, that is, Sue talks Emma’s super cute boyfriend John Stamos to audition.   He nails the hell out of Meatloaf’s big song and I’ve forgiven him for that whole Cheesy Three Dad Show with the Twin Fashionistas as Babies.   Right on dude, indeed.  Citing the inappropriateness of grinding on students if he plays Frank N. Furter, Emma’s cute boyfriend John Stamos will be playing Eddie.   Mercedes steps up and volunteers, and proceeds to blow the roof off the place.  Mercedes, love, I don’t know why Schue doesn’t give you more leads, but at least you don’t have to sing Streisand or Billy Preston and Sareeta.

Artie: So I guess I’ll be playing the guy in the wheelchair?

Rachel is portraying Janet, but Emma gets to sing T-t-t-t-touch Me, and I think it was a perfect choice.   During said scene, we get to see Will’s abs, and they are pretty.   This is not the only reason Emma singing the song is perfect, but it does kind of help. She sings it because Stupid Will thinks it would be a great idea for him to dance around the McKinley High auditorium in gold lame bike shorts as The Creature in front of God, his union rep and everybody.   Fortunately, this does not happen.

Many apologies to Quinn, but I would have rather heard Santana wail on Magenta’s solo in The Time Warp, and Brittany totally owned Tina as Columbia.  Brittany and Santana ARE Columbia and Magenta.

This episode was just plain fun.  I laughed, I clapped, I cheered.  And then I did the Time Warp.

It’s just a jump to the left, and a step to the ri-i-i-i-ight…..

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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