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Good Morning, Sunshines

Happy freaking Wednesday, readers!  It’s another Wednesday and we have lots of good stuff on tap today.   The Frisky Feminist returns, Luci splices desserts, Selena will chat about Glee and much, much more.  We hope you’re having a great week and enjoying all the pre-Halloween fun.  The answers to yesterday’s Potentially Useless Knowledge Quiz and a motivational music video are after the cut.

1. Which runs faster, an ostrich or a cheetah?  Cheetah – 70 mph(113km/hour) Ostrich –  43 mph(69km/hour)

2. Of tango,  November, horse and bravo, which is not a part of the phonetic alphabet? Horse, H = Hotel

3. Which uses more power per hour, a laptop computer or an LCD TV? 32″ LCD TV = 125 watts per hour, laptop computer = 42 watts per hour

4. Which was invented first, pinball or the slinky? Pinball – 1931, Slinky -1943

5. Name all of Henry VII’s wives, in order. Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleeves, Catherine Howard, Katherine Parr

6. Which is hotter, a tabasco pepper or a habanero chili pepper? Scoville rating of Habanero = 100k-350k, of tabasco = 30k-50k

7.  Write 1988 in Roman Numerals: MCMLXXXVIII

8. French or Swiss? Gruyere cheese Swiss

9.  Who was taller, Napoleon or Marilyn Monroe? Napoleon = 5’6″, Marilyn = 5’5″

10. Which is bigger, a baseball or a cricket ball? While they can be the same size, an official baseball is 9″ in circumference where a cricket ball can be no smaller than 8 13/16 ” (24.4 cm).  Trick question? Nope, editor error.

And here’s the lovely Evan Dando and the rest of the Lemonheads ready to sing you into your day.

Information from: Visual Aid: Stuff You’ve Forgotten, Things You Never Thought You Knew, and Lessons You Didn’t Quite Get Around to Learning and Visual Aid 2: You Can Never Know Enough Stuff
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