Twitter Ready Grammar: For the Love of Lovely Adverbs

We here at Persephone are fans of good grammar. Sure, we’ll have the occasional spelling or usage mishap, but for the love of English teachers everywhere, we make a good effort to be grammatically correct at all times. And the editor hat I wear? It never comes off of my head. So sometimes reading tweets and Facebook status updates is not unlike chalk on a virtual chalkboard. This segment will feature a grammar rant, not longer than 140 words.

Today’s irritation? ADVERBS or the lack thereof.

A Tweet about someone’s new baby clothes: ” The clothes fit him perfect! He’ll look so cute at the party!”

A Facebook update: ” Summer went by so quick! Who’s ready for fall?”

Those underlined words? They are supposed to be adverbs. Adverbs modify (or describe) verbs or adverbs. They typically end in -ly.

With this in mind, the proper tweet would be: “The clothes fit him perfectly! He’ll look so cute at the party!” and the proper status update would be: ” Summer went by so quickly! Who’s ready for fall?”

Go ahead, try it in the comments — give us a comment using an adverb correctly. Or copy a status update with such bad grammar you’ve considered unfriending/unfollowing that person and we’ll correct it for you!

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