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It’s a Brand New Day

Here we are again, ready to bring you another day chock-full of interesting stuff to read and see.  Sally’s going to set the record straight about mom bloggers, Luci has a great piece on how to tell the difference between jerks and racist jerks, Selena’s tackling the next part of the FotF series and much, much more.  Don’t forget we’re still taking submissions and looking for writers ““specifically, we’re looking for someone who’d like to write about style (fashion, design + art), someone who’d like to write about science, and we’re always seeking writers who can speak to issues facing marginalized women.  

Tech stuff: As you’ll notice, I rearranged the furniture.  I changed how some of the content displays on the front page so you can get to more of our articles easily and made a few other minor tweaks.  I killed the fancy fonts by popular demand. (Someday, @font-face, someday….) As a result, not only will the blog be easier to read in ALL browsers, the front page should load more quickly, too.  Hooray!

After this week (and I hopefully have to explain fewer things I break) we’ll cut back on these editor letters and start the day with You Complete Me, Internet round-up posts.  If you’ve got favorite sites or cool links, share! Don’t forget to send your sexytime questions to The Frisky Feminist (, ask Luci and Mama Grace for advice ( and send your story ideas and contributions to me ( ~or~ ~or~ Follow us on Twitter: @persephone_mag and we promise to follow you right back.  (but not in a stalkery way.)

Here’s your morning jam, it’s been running through my head since the alarm went off….

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By Ophelia Payne

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