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Lunchtime Poll “” Be JJ Abrams Day

It’s that time again, and one of these days I’m totally going Heathers on your asses and asking about what you’d do if you won a million dollars the day before the end of the world. Today, however, is not that day. 

You are a television producer charged with creating the next big TV show.  This is not necessarily a show you would watch, but one you’re sure would be a hit.  What’s the premise and the title?

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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One reply on “Lunchtime Poll “” Be JJ Abrams Day”

Hmm well if we’re talking JJ Abrams style, I bet you could make a hit show starring Locke and Ben Linus (either as the characters or the actors playing different characters). Zombies seem to be the new vampires, so I would look into that too.
But if I could make any show be a hit it would be Huge. I really liked that show and am really sad about its cancellation.

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