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On Internet Rubbernecking

Yesterday, as I was waiting for our new server to come to life, I had time to surf around the web, which I normally don’t get a chance to do during our posting hours.  I caught up at Pajiba and Regretsy, then I wandered over to that other ladyblog.   

Op Ed

A partner site of other ladyblog ran an exclusive from an anonymous source who claims to have had a “one night stand” with Christine O’Donnell.  Only the one night stand was actually a little kissing and petting before she said she didn’t want to sleep with him.  So like an insecure jock in a middle school locker room, he attempted to humiliate her.  The piece was run on ladyblog and another partner site, gadget blog.  Overall, it was a poorly written bunch of bro-code with a lot of digs at O’Donnell that didn’t have a damn thing to do with her politics.  And it had half a million hits and 2500 comments.   For a few hours, it seemed as though every site on the internet was talking about partner site, and to a smaller extent ladyblog.   More comments on partner blog expressed criticism for posting the piece at all than I expected, but they rounded it out with Bush jokes.  Most comments on gadget blog were along the lines of “WTF does this have to do with gadgets, unless he found an iPhone 5 in there.”  The comments on ladyblog were split between aghast and … wait for it…. she asked for it.

Sexism is still sexism when it’s used against women we don’t like or agree with.  It’s no more okay for this anonymous douchecanon to shame Christine O’Donnell for refusing to have sex with him than it is for any other man to shame any other woman for not having sex with him.   No matter what she says, does, wears, thinks or misspells, no woman deserves to be shamed in front of a half a million people  for not having sex with a man.   Especially THIS coward of a man who isn’t even willing to put his name on this very personal attack.

I’m not a fan of O’Donnell, I think she’s a dingbat who’s missing all the filters between her brain and her mouth.  Which means there are a nearly infinite number of issues we can call her to task on without ripping her to pieces for not sleeping with an asshole.  I’m disappointed but not surprised to see some of my fellow lady liberals point and laugh at a woman for being humiliated by a guy with blue balls.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be a prank by Captain Acorn, James O’Keefe. Turns out Mr. Anonymous ain’t so anonymous any more.

I’m not linking to any of the stories, you can easily find them on your own and none of the sites need the hits.

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