Search Global, Follow Local: What to do on Twitter After You Have a User Name

So you’ve signed up for a Twitter account. Now what? You can start just like you started on Facebook — give Twitter your address book and it finds your friends. Register your email and allow searches via email, and your friends can find you. After that, it’s time to start finding other people to follow, and deciding when to jump into the conversation.

One approach is to search global, follow local. Find local businesses on Twitter and follow them, I promise they’ll follow back. Search your town/city/region on Twitter, #yourcity and just “your city”, and you’ll find people near you. Once you’ve found them, start talking. If you choose to go the local route, ask questions about local haunts or simply check in on FourSquare announcing where you are in town. Someone will answer, and your circle of tweeples will grow.

Once you’ve found a local group, do them the honors of creating a list. Lists are ways to categorize people you follow. You might make a list of “local yourtown businesses who rock” or “tweeps I’ve met in person” or whatever seems to fit.

These are the people and businesses you can also meet in person, which is one of my most favorite parts of being part of Twitter. Businesses run promotions on Twitter, and social media enthusiasts host “tweet ups” or gatherings for people who’ve chatted online. You never whose path you’ll cross, or how your life will be richer for the connections you’ll make.Twitter Icon

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