Small Pleasures

Sometimes it’s the little things that get you through a day.  Here are some of my small pleasures.

Filling up my weekly pill container:
I take a lot of medication daily because of my anti-depressants and vitamins. Every week I fill up my weekly pill thing and it gives me an immense amount of joy. I like the organization of it. I like the consistency of the routine. I like taking pills out of big jars and putting them into small containers. I can’t wait until I am old and I have one of those huge ones that has compartments for morning, noon and evening.

I am a complete sucker for herbal remedies. I am the reason that those companies make so much money. I love to research ailments on the internet, find the appropriate herbal/vitamin cure, spending $10 on 30 pills and waiting for miracles to occur. Many of these don’t last for whatever reason – the pills are too big, I forget about them, I decide that my ailment is cured (as in the case of my elevated liver functions, for which I took Milk Thistle for 2 weeks and then returned to normal liver functioning). I particularly love when the come in gummy or delicious varieties, which leads me to:

Vitamin B12 sublinguals:
I cannot emphasize how much I love these. I am taking B12 chewies right now and they are an unsatisfactory replacement. When I have the sublinguals, I look forward to my twice daily B12 dose. So delicious. Buy them. Also, it’s  fall, while you’re in the vitamin section, buy the Vitamin C gummies that are shaped like orange slices.
Using Up a Product:
I really like getting to the end of soap or shampoo or something.  I buy the big liquid hand soap refills and I love when I finally pour out the last of it into my soap dispenser.

When The Subway Comes Right As I Get On The Platform:
Self explanatory. I don’t have to run. I don’t have to wait. It makes me feel like it will be a good day.

Making New Star Charts
I use star charts to track goals. Sometimes I achieve the goals, sometimes I don’t. But a new star chart is just filled with possibility.

What are your small pleasures?

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