Trick’s on YOU, Mom! (I Think the Kids are in for the Candy)

Do you remember Halloween as a kid? I have vague memories of trick or treating in my neighborhood, and maybe attending a party or two. There was usually a classroom party and maybe a Girl Scout party thrown in for good measure. Sometimes there was a trip to the pumpkin patch, but usually we got our pumpkins at the grocery store. I remember goopy messes on the kitchen table, and delicious roasted pumpkin seeds when we were done.

This year, my kindergartener and toddler have already dressed up three times, been to a friendly haunted house, and a friendly haunted hayride. We’re heading to the zoo tonight, and a park celebration on Saturday. On Sunday, the actual day of Halloween, we may very well stay home and I don’t think they’d know the difference.

What I’m trying to figure out is this — when did every organization known to man start jumping in on the Halloween fun? And do other families try to do “everything” or are most just hitting one or two special events and then their own street on Halloween night?

What I want to find are the two or three activities they really dig and look forward to every year, and build traditions around those. But how do you do that without becoming burned out by October 25th? Part of it is me, I know — I see a free, fun event and I can’t let it pass us by, I’m not sure why. So what if it means we eat a frozen pizza for dinner? We’re going to the mega-churchs trunk or treat event! Whoo hoo!

Maybe as my kids get older they’ll be able to remember better from year to year what they enjoyed. Or they’ll be able to say, “Switch to decaf mom, and please let us stay home….”

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