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Are you a writer, an artist, a questioner of The Way Things Are?  Do you have a passion for spreading the truth, speaking your mind, standing up for what you believe?  Do you know how to do something no one else knows how to do with quite the same flair?  Then we want you to come be a part of Persephone.   Details after the cut.We’re looking for a variety of people to help us fill out our team, which currently is rather small.   We need regular writers and editors, as well as people who want to write single pieces for one of our many reader contribution categories.   Currently, we’re all volunteers, so there’s, um, no compensation outside of the satisfaction of a job well done and the gratitude of the three of us pulling all the levers behind the curtain.  We’re working with several potential advertising opportunities which will hopefully allow us to pay all manner of writers and thinkers and doers of things in the future.   If you’re interested in writing a single piece, scan the list of categories below and send an email to either or   If you’d like to be considered for a regular writing gig with us, send along a few examples of your work and links to anywhere we might be able to read you online.

Reader Contributed Categories

Perspectives – The Perspectives category is for first person essays.  Do you have a great story?  Share it with us!  We encourage anonymity in the Perspectives essays (names changed to protect the innocent and whatnot) and we will turn off comments if requested to do so by the author.

We Try It – This is our reviews category.  We play it pretty fast and loose with what we review, but we will do at least one book, movie and video game review per week.   The We Try It category is much more than pop culture, however, so if you have a product, an album, a website or just about anything else you’d like to review, send it along.   We’d like to see the reviews be at least 500 or so words in length.

Ladyguides – This is our how-to section.  Do you have a unique talent or skill that you’d like to teach the rest of us?  This is the category for you! Writing a Ladyguide for us will be a little more time intensive, we’ll need both written instructions and pictures of the process.   We have several Ladyguides in the works for this week, if this is the category for you keep an eye out for our posts for a better understanding of what we’re looking to post.

GenXX – Are you a woman born between 1961 -1981 with a lot of opinions?  Contact us, we have something big in the works.  Speak up for the Slacker Generation! We invented the internet, for Pete’s sake, and the iPhone! Don’t let us get lost between those over-achieving Boomers and the Millennials.

Op-Ed – Hate something we say? Have a strong opinion on a hotbutton topic?  Write us an OpEd! We’re always willing to listen, even if you’re criticizing us. Sure, we’d rather read you criticize something else, but we’re all grown-ups here.  Give us some well worded criticism and we’ll put it on the front page.  Within reason.

Coffee with the Neighbors – Do you have your own blog or website?  Would you like to cross post anything you’ve written here?  We’re always looking for opportunities to give other ladybloggers a bigger audience, if you have something that meshes with what we’re doing here, send us a link.

And just to get you in the spirit of things, here’s an awesome kinetic typography video by Ronnie Bruce from a poem by Taylor Mali, originally found in this awesome post on Mashable.  If you have the time, check out all the kinetic typography videos featured in the Mashable post – they’re fantastic.

By Ophelia Payne

Editor in Chief of Persephone Magazine, Ophelia spends most of her time in front of a monitor. She writes long, rambling emails in her free time.

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