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We Try It: Persa-Gel 10

This has probably been the most powerful weapon in my recent war against acne.  I would prefer to use prescription medication as that is what has helped me in the past.  But, I don’t have health insurance so I am stuck finding over the counter medications that will work.  I have read that a 5% concentration of Benzoyl-Peroxide works just as well as 10%, but is less drying. Persa Gel PackageI had been sticking with the 5% because of this.  And that may be true for some people, maybe those with less severe acne, but it’s not true for me.  5% Benzoyl-Peroxide was not doing it for me.  It didn’t help clear up any pimples and it certainly didn’t prevent them.  I decided to bring in the big guns with the 10% persagel from Clean & Clear.  While I would not call this a miracle ointment, it’s made a noticeable difference.  I am getting fewer pimples.  I am not sure I think they are clearing up any faster, but it’s hard to tell.  However, they are definitely more likely to heal without ever coming to a head or being popped.  A disappointment if you secretly enjoy popping pimples, but ultimately better for the skin.

As with my entire current acne regimen, this is best for someone with oily skin.  It is drying and I wouldn’t use it without lotion.  I put it on twice a day, but you could probably do once a day or less if you wanted.  From what I have read in my extensive acne research your skin can get used to benzoyl-peroxide and it will quit working after a while.  I am not looking forward to that day and I hope that by then I have health insurance and can get prescription medication.  In the meantime, I’m happy with the improvements in my acne using this forbidden 10% benzoyl-peroxide.!

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