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We Try It: The Pomodoro Technique

I’m doing this right now! Working on this blog has made me realize how out of practice I am when it comes to actually having to do things, you know, in a timely manner.  Not having a job in 6 months has made me complacent and I have fallen out of practice of doing actual work.  I would sit down to write an article only to get distracted by something on TV, a video game, a nap, a speck of dust.  It wasn’t taking much.

Cue the Pomodoro Technique. There are all kinds of websites that make it sound more complicated than it is.  This is it:

Work, uninterrupted for 25 minutes ““ this is called your pomodoro.

Take a 5 minute break.

Do this 3 more times.

At the end of your 4th pomodoro, take a longer break of 15-20 minutes.

You’re also supposed to write down the To-Do List of what you want to accomplish and check it off as you go.  I love To-Do Lists and checking things off, so this whole thing is right up my alley.

The first time I did it I was at home and I did really awesome in my first pomodoro and got a lot accomplished.  Then my 5 minute break turned into the whole rest of the day.  So it wasn’t such a success.  In today’s effort I am at the library and I am proud to report that I am doing awesome.  I have 30 seconds left in my 3rd pomodoro and I think I will Facebook during my break.  I guarantee that not a lot will have happened on Facebook in the 25 minutes that if I were not working I would have spent obsessively refreshing the page. However, I have gotten a ton done during this pomodoro, as I did in my first two pomodoros. I am using Focus Booster to keep track of my time.  The working time goes by a lot faster than you might think.  I have even had to force myself to take a break so that I don’t work into it and defeat the whole purpose of the technique.  I am also listening to a little Mozart, but that’s not part of the Pomodoro Technique, it’s just personal preference.

Try It! Let us know how you like it!  You can use it for cleaning house and the like as well.

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that is so fascinating – thanks! I’ve always been skeptical about time management techniques…well, less skeptical and more too-lazy-to-try :) But I will definitely try this one at work tomorrow.

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