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Parenthood Recap: When Art (TV?) Imitates Life

Do you watch Parenthood on NBC? I find myself looking forward to it more each week. Last night, as I was watching, I realized why.

It’s like NBC put a camera in my house, got all their storylines, then split them out between four families because it would be too crazy for one family in a 1200 sq ft townhouse to deal with all of those things.

The premise of the show is loosely based (I think) on that classic movie from the 80’s staring Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, Dianne Wiest, a very young Martha Plimpton, and a very young Keanu Reeves. It involves a mature couple, and their four adult children ““ two who are married, one who’s divorced w/ kids, one who’s single with a child. They all live in the same town and get together for dinner A LOT.

That part’s not my life.

But last night’s story lines? Oh my. Let’s examine them more closely:

Single guy w/girlfriend and a 5 year old: they are ready to enroll him in school, and are obsessing about where he should go. They wait anxiously outside the office of “the school” in town.

Yesterday I went to what I thought was going to be “the school” for my daughter. Turned out it wasn’t. But the stress of finding the right school for your child when you are lucky enough to have choices? It’s real.

Couple with one 5 yr old child: Daughter starts having nightmares and sharing her parents bed. Dad starts feeling left out, and is rather desperate to get his bed back with just his wife. Mom is sort of torn, because she works all day.

My two year old has non-verbally informed us that we will more than likely be co-sleeping with him until he decides otherwise. My choices at night are to let him in, and spend the night getting kicked in the kidneys, or to lie next to him on the floor in his room. I only wish he would buy the “Mommy and Daddy need to have some time in their love bubble alone”argument as easily as his TV counterpart did last night.

Couple w/ 2 kids, one with special needs: Mom starts going to a support group, Dad resists. Mom starts crying when she hears a woman’s story that is so much her own she could have spoken the words.

My kids don’t have special needs, but I have found friends in similar life circumstances. Sometimes you just need to be with people who’ve been there, and who get it.

Thankfully, the single mom story line about her choosing between the company owner and the forklift guy, and her daughter standing up to her friend using drugs didn’t hit home last night.

I figure three out of the four story lines is more than enough for one family in a 1200 sq ft townhouse. Can’t wait to see what next week brings.

Is there a TV show you’re pretty sure is mirroring your own life??

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