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YCMI: Vol V; Extra Braininess Edition

I found us a passel of links to browse during today’s coffee breaks.  Covering a gamut of topics including a little fashion, a little politics, funny stuff, news of the awesome and typewriter porn.  You’re smarter already, just having read this intro.  Let’s click on together…

If you don’t click anything else, click John Scalzi’s Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today.

Five Reasons the Future Will Be Ruled By BS on Cracked.   A very compelling case is made here.

One of Conan’s former writers teaches us the finer points of Making the Most of Unemployment in hilarious infogram form.

Can you write a 50k word novel this November?

Geeks are Sexy lists 10 obscure ‘n’ geeky Halloween costumes.

Wired defines the ultimate liberal arts education for the 21st Century, with seven essential skills you didn’t learn in college.  Included: Statistical Literacy, Writing for New Forms and Applied Cognition.

Coolest method of styling a link list ever, Notcouture at NotCot.

Beautiful Greek house on Style Files

A bunch of gorgeous old typewriters on Dark Roasted Blend.

Notes from a Video Game Developer on The Smart Set, developers are as anxious to make games with great stories as we are to play them.

The Death Penalty and Racism on The American Interest Online.

Engadget one of many sites to report Wii now able to directly stream your Netflix without the janky disk.

Basic Instructions comic by Scott Meyer on Cracked shows How to Name your Band

First, how did I not know about CandyBlog?  Second, you should see the Halloween rundown post, featuring links to reviews of Pumpkin Spice Hershey’s Kisses and Twilight Eclipse Chocolate.

Groovy knitted stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien on The Contemporist.

Mandatory kinetic typography video:

Slate article on innovation in school design.

Followed by five amazing European school designs on DeZeen.

Today’s Creative Commons Visual Goodness is in the typography theme.



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Have a wonderful Tuesday!  We’ll do our part to keep it interesting.

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