You Complete Me Internet

You Complete Me Internet Vol. 3

Here’s another round of crap we found elsewhere and thought you might like.  Not just any crap, our internet amusement lists are chock full of knowledge-y goodness.  And lists.  And the periodic baby animal.  Click on! Pajiba ranks the 10 Best TV Shows of Last Week, I give them points for finding a new way to freshen up a list post.

Mock Chicken Salad recipe on Retro Food

Bacon Cheddar Chipotle Cornbread and Autumnal Turkey Chili recipes at Coconut and Lime

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse and Baked Eggs for a Weekend of Comfort Food from Cannelle et Vanille

Buy the book Old Man Drinks at Uncrate

The Sartorialist finds a hipster in a cardigan.  Shocking.

Broadsheet gets on the facebook-handbag-jokes-are-lame bandwagon.

Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis on Feministe

Lifehacker explains the perils and risks of free public wi-fi

Banksy vs. the Gray Ghost in New Orleans on Web Urbanist

Bansky also did the opening bit on last night’s Simpsons, which was everywhere on the web a few hours ago, but the mighty Fox copyright army has been mighty and swift, so it’s now nowhere.  Had I had better timing, you could have seen it at The Nerdist.


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