You Complete Me Internet

You Complete Me, Internet Volume Two

The internet is a fascinating place, filled with wonder, angry people and weird stuff.   Join us as we dive into the most interesting place-a-ma-bobs we could find to help make your Thursday more delightful. Pajiba declares these six people to be the Hollywood Axis of Evil.

Adbusters writes an…. unusual… article about a forthcoming consumerist uprising among 13-19 year old girls.  Apparently there will be stink bombs.

Dazed Digital talks about upcoming musical collaborations sponsored by Converse, the official footwear of yours truly.

Neat-o-rama tells you everything you could possibly want to know about BlueTooth.

Check out this incredible stop motion papercraft video about Star Wars by Eric Power, set to a love song called “Tatooine” by Jeremy Messersmith

Wired interviews the first Presidential appointee with autism, Ari Ne’eman

Photoshop Disasters takes the cheap shot, commenters behave as commenters do.

Sign the petition to save Huge with Jezebel.

How to install an MP3 doorbell.

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