You Complete Me Internet

You Complete Me Internet

Link round up!  News, goodies, fun stuff and weirdness we found on the web to share with you. 

Star Trek themed cocktails at Geeks are Sexy:  Beam Me Up Scotchie: 10 Star Trek-Themed Cocktails to Get your Party Started

Verizon Refunds $50 Million to 15 Million Customers on Mashable

Read Write Web asks:  Is The Word ‘Publish’ Becoming Obsolete?

The Kitchn offers: A Trip Around the World: International Recipes & Posts

There’s nothing in the world like Moussaka, here’s a recipe from Simply Recipes: Moussaka

Slow Like Honey offers a recipe for (OMG OMG OMG) Banana Cupcakes + Peanut Butter Frosting

Television Without Pity’s 10 Most Annoying Fall TV Characters

Diary of Why thinks your Power Point sucks: Why with Power(Point) comes responsibility

A Duct-tape and Sharpie AT-AT at Boing Boing

Book by it’s Cover offers info on how you can subscribe to a Zine of the Month

Ooh! A slideshow! Core77 Gallery: Maker Faire NYC 2010

In the Kitchen with: Katie Quinn Graham’s Guinness Cake at Design*Sponge, combining two of my greatest passions into one tasty treat.

Benjamin Kanarek’s Blog brings us the delightful What will this Barbie wear? London Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011 found by way of Fashion Indie

Modern Halloween Cookies & Cupcakes at Hostess with the Mostess

Pop by Open Culture to learn all about The Sounds of Ancient Mesopotamia

Web Urbanist thinks your geeky tattoos are kinda silly, will ruin your social life

Slate spends lots of money at Whole Foods, makes $443.83 Dinner for Two.  The olives and Pop Tart I ate for dinner set me back less than $1.  Suck it, Riches.

The subject of Dark Roasted Blend’s piece wants something else entirely for dinner: Carnivorous Plants: Hungry & Gorgeous

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