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Amazon is Apparently Invoking the Fifth Amendment Now

It’s been a few days now, since Amazon was called-out on it’s selling of the e-book which was basically a guide on how-to molest a child. The e-book is not currently available, although no one know’s for sure if it’s been taken down temporarily or permanently.

No one knows because as of 10pm on November 14th, Amazon has yet to respond to this issue in a meaningful way.

Amazon hasn’t issued any statements regarding this issue, despite coverage by CNN, MSNBC, and the BBC. What it really comes down to is Amazon having a poorly written and poorly enforced guidelines when it comes to their hosting self-published works for sale.

I’m sure there have been a series of closed door meetings at Amazon. I wish those meetings were to rewrite their guidelines and a comprehensive plan to make sure that books on how to molest children don’t slip through the cracks.

In reality, I’m sure the meetings are more detailing how they can cover their own behinds.

Nothing has changed since we reported on this story late last week, but here are a few more posts on this topic:

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If Amazon ever addresses this issue, you’ll see an update here on Persephone.

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