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Aunt Sally’s Holiday Guide to Nieces and Nephews: The Preschoolers

If you even get to see your preschool aged niece or nephew at holiday gatherings, consider yourself lucky. It’s about at the age of three that most children will choose their peers over the adults in the room, and if I don’t make an effort to go to the basement/bedroom/backyard where the cousins have gathered, I could very well go the entire party without ever seeing a niece or nephew.

Preschoolers are typically very independent, very chatty and pretty happy-go-lucky little people. They are starting to remember holidays and family traditions from year to year, and they will most definitely associate Christmas with the exchange of gifts. In keeping with the themes of the other guides, here are some ideas for the preschoolers in your life which don’t involve syndicated characters or too much plastic.

Outdoor Toys: Yes, it’s winter, but kids still play outside. A child-sized snow shovel, snow-block maker, sled, and or funky hat would be well-recieved by children of this age.

Indoor Large Motor Toys: The classic “EZ stepper” toy will keep a preschooler busy for hours as he masters balance. Along with this, the stick pony and a cowboy hat would also be a big hit. A Chinese jumprope provides hours of entertainment, as little feet and fingers learn classic games.

Arts and Craft Supplies: A cute apron, a caddy to hold supplies, or a table easel are all materials any proper preschool artist needs. Craft stores sell any number of simple crafts, and kids typically love them. Lacing crafts, collage crafts, you name it, kids this age want to make it.

Games: Classics such as Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Uno, and Hi-O Cherry-O can be played by kids around ages 4 and up. A deck of playing cards is also intriguing to a preschooler, and as they get closer to five, learning how to play War is great fun.

Dress Up Clothes: Preschoolers love to play dress up. You could buy the costumes at the store in the dress up section. OR you could hit the Halloween clearance, pass on your old Mc Donald’s work shirt, pack up the microphone that doesn’t work, gather your well-earned Mardi Gras beads, and other random accessories and put them in a tote bag with the child’s name on it (written in Sharpie or fabric paint).

Happy Shopping!

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