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AwesomePhone: I’m Using the 3G HotSpot RIGHT NOW

Last week, I told you that I had taken the title “Princess Two-Phones” for the next several weeks thanks to the generosity of Verizon Wireless. As I was explaining this fun turn of events to my mom this weekend, and telling about some of the Fascinate’s neat-o features, she asked a valid question — if my phone was so smart, why would I need it to be a 3G HotSpot?

Wait a minute….your phone gives your laptop Wi-Fi?

Why yes, yes it does. Wherever there is 3G coverage, your laptop can have Wi-Fi through your phone. This means on long road trips, you have the equivalent of what’s known as MiFi or an AirCard. It means if you stay at a stingy hotel that charges for Wi-Fi, you don’t have to pay. It means that if you’re at your parents house over Thanksgiving and they aren’t sure what their wireless key might be, you can still get on the Internet.

Which leads me back to the question ….if your phone is so smart, why do you need laptop access??

I will be the first to admit that my smart phone(s) is an extension of my hand. BUT, there are limits. For starters, as much as I text, tweet, and send short replies on my phone, I do prefer a bigger keyboard for longer assignments. While most website are mobile enabled, there are some things that just work better on a bigger screen, like filling out forms or reading some websites. Side note: I think evolution will eventually make human fingers more petite and adept, and a cure for far-sightedness will come in 2015.

Thus the reason a 3G HotSpot might come in handy.

Signing off til I discover something else cool about this phone, Princess Two-Phones

Disclosure: Like I said last week, Verizon has given me the use of a Samsung Fascinate and a data/calling plan to go with it for the holiday season. Come January 3rd, they are going to have to come hunt me down to reclaim their property. All opinions and experiences with this product are mine. It’s been a ball!

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