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Black Friday Scavenger Hunt

Good morning shoppers! In case any of you are up and stopping in before you head out to BF adventures, I thought I’d offer up a fun activity to do to entertain yourself and your shopping buddies while you’re in the trenches.  It’s a scavenger hunt! Jot the after-the-cut list down on the back of one of your shopping lists and see if you can be Black Friday Champion. Can you find the following?

1.  A random act of kindness.

2. A car taking up more than one parking space.

3. Five screaming toddlers.

4. A Black Friday ninja capturing a deal with creative means.

5. Three grumpy old men.

6. A person in an appliqued holiday sweatshirt.

7. A clown or equally low-brow gimmick.

8. A store employee with a smile on their face who is not management.

9. An example of a bait and switch.

10. Someone shopping in heels.

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By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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