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Congrats Baseballchica!

One of our writers, baseballchica03 got married this morning, which I discovered in the comments.  So lets all blow bubbles at the newlyweds! Congrats, you crazy kids! Here’s to a long and delightful marriage.

This wraps up another day at Persephone, and I think it’s been one of our best yet.  Tomorrow is our Little House on the Prairie Very Special Episode, but we do have a few non-LH posts in the hopper too.

Some general notes, Frisky would like more of your naughty questions, send them to   We’ll be taking Thursday of next week off for Thanksgiving, unless our two Canadian writers want to run things for the day.  We’ll be back on Black Friday with a couple brave souls liveblogging the shopping experience and pictures and recipes from everyone’s holiday.

Hope you have a great Wednesday night, we’ll be here first thing in the morning! Tear it up in the comments while we’re gone!

Image Credit for the most awesome creative commons flower girl I’ve ever seen.

By Ophelia Payne

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