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Every time I turn around”¦I see something that reminds me of TV

junk coming atcha from tvThis post was inspired by two things.  The first was Buster Blonde’s hilarious post about “˜80s TV fear, which reminded me that every time I think of abandoned refrigerators and CPR I think about that episode of Punky Brewster.  In fact, because I have seen every episode of Punky Brewster no less than 25 times, there is a long list of things that remind me of episodes of Punky Brewster.  But, as an avid TV watcher, Punky Brewster was not the only show I watched as a kid. I was listening to the Jordan, Jesse, Go! Podcast the other day (It’s funny. You should check it out.)  The phrase Appotomax Courthouse came up, and as I was listening my mind immediately went to an episode of Growing Pains where Mike is going to cheat on a history test and writes Appotomax Courthouse on his huge, huge tennis shoes.  Well, I’m obviously not the only one who associates Appotomax Courthouse with Growing Pains, because Jordan brought up the same episode.  It got me thinking about all of the things that we first hear as children on TV, in movies, or in books and are forever associated in our minds.  I made a little list of some of the things that are inextricably linked to media in my mind.

Ankh ““ In an episode of Are You Afraid Of The Dark, an ankh was featured prominently. I don’t remember the specifics although I’m sure it was Oooo scary!  In my head I spelled it “Onk” and I remember this whole flood of recognition the first time I saw it written and was like, oooh so that’s what the episode is about!

Hoagies ““ I have a very distinct memory of sitting in my jammies watching the episode of The Cosby Show where Cliff has a “hoagie” before bed and has a crazy dream with the Muppets.  That’s another one that I had no idea what a hoagie was, besides something to be avoided.

SBD ““ This one is a little gross, but there is an episode of Hey, Dude where they have some hillbilly types staying at the dude ranch.  They eat snakes and talk about SBD farts.  Again, not a term I had ever heard before and will forever be associated with a particularly gross episode of Hey Dude.

I could write an entire post about things that remind me of episodes of Punky Brewster: Cabbage Patch dolls, Narcolepsy and “night crawlers” just to name a few.  But I’ll spare you all my recounting of every episode ever of the best show in history.

But I can’t be the only one who always associates random objects with television.  Although I am sure I could break a record for most associations having to do with a single television show.  So what are yours?

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Strawberry poptarts will forever be “strawberry flavored death” for me and #2 son, the “Fringe” fanatic.
My brother and I loved reruns of “Land of Giants”, so whenever we had bits of food or saw Barbie sized objects, in particular cocktail sword skewers, we thought the Little People were nearby.
The glass juice jar in “Family Ties”–our family had the same one. I still have it, sans top, and use it for watering plants. Still picture Michael J. Fox gulping OJ from it.
Not TV but small white bullet-shaped trashcans = R2D2
Wagner’s “Flight of the Valkyries” = “Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit,” warbled by Elmer Fudd

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