Five Fashion Bloggers to Get Excited About

I don’t know what it is about scrolling through pictures of other people’s outfits that brings me such inner joy, but I suspect it’s the co-mingling of indulging my materialistic impulses and not having to spend a dime. Before writing this article, I didn’t have any one fashion blogger I followed religiously or felt a very strong affinity towards, so I decided to rectify that by hunting down some bloggers who combine a love for fashion with interesting commentary.

1. Delightfully Tacky

Delightfully Tacky is like the reverse fashion blog version of the book/movie Into the Wild (bear with me: this will make sense, I promise). Blogger Elizabeth is a self-affirmed lover of vintage, kitschy stuff, particularly leftovers from the “˜70s. Think blousey, button-down dresses, lots of floral prints, and a heaping helping of moccasins.

This past September she left her native Alaska to tour the lower 48 in a ’73 Winnebago Brave (which is the opposite of Into the Wild’s protagonist road-tripping across the U.S. to ultimately wind up in Alaska).

Elizabeth’s pictures from the Grand Canyon (featuring her dog, Little Bit) are not to be missed. In fact, all of the photographs commemorating her journey are stunning, whether she’s chronicling a random group of horses off one of Georgia’s country roads or sharing the commercialization of an iconic children’s park (carousel and all).

2. Diary of a Vintage Girl

Fleur de Guerre is a British woman who describes herself as “a full-time Forties enthusiast & part-time model.” Her blog is full of pictures of her and other vintage-lovers dolled up in gorgeous “˜40s-style garb: think little kid gloves, nipped-waist suit jackets, pincurls, hair snoods, head-wraps, and, of course, bright red lipstick. It took me a minute to figure out who she reminded me of, but then I got it: in looks and style, Fleur is a Dita von Teese doppelganger .

If you like hair and makeup tutorials, Diary of a Vintage Girl has a YouTube channel with videos detailing how to achieve 1940s hairstyles and a perfectly outlined red pout. Fleur also links to loads of great vintage and faux-vintage sites, so if the pin-up look is what you’re after, this blog is chock full of sources.

3. Marian Kihogo

Yet another Brit makes the list! Marian is a Renaissance woman (celebrity stylist/fashion writer/blogger/creative consultant/PUSH IT Magazine online contributing editor) with impeccable taste and a flair for dramatic accessories, whether it’s a home-made organza headpiece or an enamel dragon bangle. It’s hard to label her style definitively, because she pulls from such a mix of source and genres, from menswear-inspired bowties (pictured) to sheer boho skirts to gothic cross necklaces.

Blog Style Pantry did a great interview with Marian, wherein she answers the question, “How do people respond to your style?”:

My motto is to never pause to notice. It is always a bonus when people compliment me on a look/outfit or garment but in all honesty, I figured a long time ago that that is only a bonus”¦I see a lot of people who are sadly so anxious about what others think about their style”¦ that it inhibits its growth. So, I make it my mission never to pause to notice.

4.  The Female Trouble

Sakari Singh is the embodiment of that cool, smart girl you used to know, who, whenever you asked where she got her clothes, was like, “Oh, just at some thrift store.” And you were like, “How come my thrifted clothes make me look like an Old Navy fleece addict and you look like a million bucks?!”

I really dig the art deco vibe Sakari has going on in a lot of her outfits, especially the pictureed outfit which pairs a lacey black top with a gorgeous, diamond-shaped gold pendant and a pair of black-and-brown oxford-ish boots. Plus, girl can rock some leopard print.

Bonus: Sakari is an animator and illustrator. The best I can describe her work is “Disney for adults” (and I mean that in the best possible way) and “cheeky.” You can check out a Tumblr of her sketches and her website featuring finished work (mildly NSFW for cartoon almost-nudity).

5. New Dress a Day

You may have heard of this insanely intense project, which is less strictly about fashion and more about a DIY aesthetic. On November 27, 2010, Marisa Lynch vowed to give up clothes shopping for a year in favor of up-cycling thrift store finds. She raised the bar even higher by deciding to spend no more than $365 for 365 items, re-working one thrift store find a day. Now, she’s a mere week from completing her journey and she’s maintained a high level of productivity throughout, faithfully producing a new piece every day.

Some of Marisa’s individual up-cycles were simple (like this adorable red sailor-style dress–after shortening it and removing the icky shoulder pads, it was ready to go), but many required some serious sewing skills and a discerning eye (like this eye-searing muumuu that Marisa gamely turned into a ruffled, adorable blouse).

Though the “New Dress a Day” project is technically drawing to a close, here’s hoping Marisa keeps doing her thing–her blog is an entertaining place to lose yourself in hypnotizing pictures of beautified clothes.

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