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Q: I’m looking for women-friendly porn and erotica (ESPECIALLY erotica) sites.  Dirty stories are my favorite thing in the whole wide world, but the only sites I know of are literotica (meh) and the Erotica Readers and Writers Association, which hardly updates and is less RAWR than I’m looking for most of the time.

Hopefully you’ll find some of our suggestions RAWR enough – and readers, please add onto our recommendations in the comments section!

Porn – for something that has the potential to be so hot, there’s an awful lot of crappy and cheesy porn out there to sift through.The one that stands out in our mind took place on a couch that looked like a Bill Cosby sweater and had a soundtrack reminiscent of Yakety Sax. Memorable, yes – sexy, not in the least.

If you have the determination and the tolerance for the cringe-inducing titles on big free sites like YouPorn, though, that can sometimes lead you to great discoveries. That’s how we discovered Viv Thomas – he’s best known for lesbian and foot fetish films, but he’s made a good amount of films featuring straight couples too. From what we’ve seen of his work (mostly straight and a few lesbian videos), the interactions between the couples tend to be sweet and sexy – the couples actually seem to like each other and want to please each other, and it tends to be free of some of the things that ruin porn for us, like over-the-top music and really fake sounds. While it’s certainly still fairly standard-issue porn, it’s on the more refined end of the spectrum. We prefer the films featuring straight couples, as most of the women in the lesbian films have distractingly long fake fingernails, and that’s one of those aforementioned things that ruins girl-on-girl (and especially what we suspect to be straight-girl-on-straight-girl) porn for both of us.

Abby Winters‘ site is similar but stands out for a few different reasons, though we should note that while we’ve looked at lots of pictures from the site we haven’t watched any videos. This Australia-based site features masturbation and lesbian porn, and like Viv Thomas the couples seem enthusiastic and genuinely interested in each other’s enjoyment. We also appreciate that the site is more inclusive of bodies of different shapes and sizes than many mainstream porn websites are, and while we haven’t seen any of their films, the people we know who have only have positive things to say about them.

That leads us to Comstock Films. Creators Tony and Peggy Comstock say that their films are “cinematic exploration and celebration of the very human experience of sex.” They include straight couples, lesbian couples, and gay couples, and like Abby Winters they lack that artificial and contrived feeling that a lot of porn has. We like how inclusive they are with regard to race, sexuality, and gender identity. The Crash Pad Series by Shine Louise Houston, creator of Pink and White Productions, is similar in its emphasis on genuine pleasure and its inclusion of people of color and all different sexualities, sexes, and genders, and a few friends of ours have praised it.

Now that we’ve talked about naughty pictures and videos, what about naughty words? Future Mr. paperispatient isn’t a big erotica-reader, while paperispatient tends to stick to work by Anais Nin or various print anthologies, so we turned to two sex educators’ websites for some suggestions: Violet Blue and Tristan Taormino.

Violet Blue collects some of her favorite erotic stories, many by writers who have been featured in some of her anthologies, on this page of her website Tiny Nibbles; the stories are helpfully organized by activity (though the activities are limited), and you can even listen to some of them being read. She also recommends Erotica For All, a UK site that describes itself as “for readers, writers, and everyone in between.” They offer plenty of free excerpts from erotic books as well as reviews and contests; like with any large compilation of erotic stories, some were super-hot, others were decent enough, and others were dull, but of course your mileage may vary depending on your particular tastes. (This is true for all of these sites, really.) Finally, even though you were looking for websites, we recommend having a look at some of the many anthologies Blue has edited, as they tend to be organized around general themes and may help you find writers who have other work you’d enjoy.

Tristan Taormino also offers some recommendations for female-friendly erotica on her website Pucker Up. The first is Erotica Republic, featuring free stories uploaded by readers divided into three main categories: straight, gay, and lesbian. Within each category they are further broken down so you can easily find what you want, whether it’s BDSM, first sexual experiences, or stories set in the past. There are “quickies” for if you just want a fast and dirty story, and there are also stories with ten chapters or more. The “some were hot, some were cold” warning applies here too – the writing generally seems to be of a higher quality than many “submit your own” erotica websites, but it may take a bit of digging to find some stories that work for you. Finally, Inky Blue Allusions is billed as a site containing “erotic stories for couples.” They offer serialized stories as well as one-shot stories in a few different categories; they also review books, movies, toys, and websites, so if our porn and story recommendations aren’t upping the RAWR factor enough, you may be able to find some promising links there.


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