Great TV Feminists

While it’s still unusual to actually hear the word feminist used in a positive way on TV, there has been a fairly impressive list of feminist characters on network and cable TV.  Among the shrewish wives, the self-absorbed singles and the super mommies who normally fill the airwaves, we found some great lady role models who weren’t afraid to wear their feminism on their sleeves.

10. Claire Huxtable

9. Julia Sugarbaker

8. CJ Cregg

7.  Buffy Summers

6.  Veronica Mars

5. Maude

4. Lisa Simpson

3. Alex Cabot (Law & Order:SVU) Let me interrupt the videos to say how interesting it was to find this video.  This character has very devoted fans. /understatement.

2. + 1. Kalinda and Alicia, The Good Wife.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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How about Junior Feminists? I’d elect Rudy Huxtable, Jennifer Keaton (Family Ties), and Buddy (Kristy McNichol in Family). Rudy was a chip off of Clair, having to educate “Bud”, Jennifer kept the balance against neo Con big bro Alex, and Buddy was the moody tomgirl who was just trying to survive adolescence.

If we can count cartoons then I’d nominate Buttercup the black-haired Power Puff Girl. I have a McDonald’s toy of Buttercup strapped to my tote bag.

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