Hangover Cinema

Every once in a while (perhaps more often in college) you push it too far with the drinks one night and end up hungover. Everyone has their tricks for combating the morning after, and the second most common component (behind tons of water) has to be watching the perfect movie.
And why not? It’s the perfect excuse for you to dim the lights, lay down for a while, and think about something other than how bad you feel. With the holiday season upon us, we may find ourselves nursing more hangovers than usual, so I thought I’d chime in with the movies that have always worked for me.

Super Troopers – This is first for a reason: it’s quite simply my number one hangover movie. (It also provides a good sense of the time period when I had the most hangovers.) Anyway, it has everything. It’s funny, it’s easy to follow, and it has just enough plot to get the gears slowly moving again inside your brain. I’m convinced it’s hangover-curing properties are what propelled this flick to cult status after its DVD release.

Wizard of Oz – I should clarify that this is just my favorite selection in what is an almost perfect genre for this purpose: musicals. They’re cute, they are highly re-watchable, the songs are catchy, and you may even find yourself humming along. The Wizard of Oz is my favorite pick not only because I know every word, but it also makes me feel like a joyful 8-year-old every time I watch it. But be warned! Some musicals (I’m looking at you, Moulin Rouge) are too fast, bright, and loud to be good for this purpose. Avoid at all costs.

Fight Club – a strange choice, you say? Maybe so, not to mention this is another clear marker on my drinking timeline. But hear me out: movies like this are great when you’re feeling horrible because they showcase someone who is feeling worse than you. Watching some dude get beaten up by his subconscious (er, spoiler alert?) makes your measly headache pale in comparison. This is a genre that also has some entries that are probably too intense, such as war movies.

Honorable mentions go to pretty much any 80s movie (for the familiarity and the non-taxing plots), TV show comedies (ah, those nice, short bursts of activity), and Titanic (because shut up, sometimes I need to cry it out).

Anyone else? What movies will YOU be watching the morning after Thanksgiving?

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Ah Fight Club. I cannot abandon that movie despite being middle-aged and female. Roger Ebert dismissed it as macho porn. I still am trying to work out that phrase, macho porn. Anyhooo whatever I love the screenplay and performances. Best of all is the essay that argued convincingly that Calvin and Hobbes are the Narrator and Tyler.

I thought rom coms would be good for drunk watching. I dunno, don’t drink.

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