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Hello Tuesday!

We’ve got a spring in our step and a song in our hearts at Persephone this morning, and it’s not because Luci spiked the coffee.  It’s one fun filled adventure after another on this crisp November morning, dear Persephone readers. 

I’m making a pledge to tone down the swears.  It’s come to my attention that a lot of moms read us, so if you’re someone’s mom (or someone who prefers less salty language) I humbly apologize for working blue.  A good swear is as satisfying to write as it is to say, but I can hear my own mother’s voice in my head reminding me that it’s lazy and unladylike to swear.  We’re all about being the motherf*****g ladies around here.  (Quitting anything is a process)

I’m a little hyped up because I’m going to be doing my very first celebrity interview later and I kind of feel like I might pee my pants.   I’ll be frank, Nellie Oleson scared the crap out of me for most of my childhood.  If Confessions is any indication, we’re going to have a great chat.  Send good vibes at 1pm EST! Everybody think “Don’t pee your pants Ophelia!” at that exact moment.  If all goes well and I’m not struck daft by fangirling and reliving my childhood nightmares simultaneously, we’ll run the interview on Thursday surrounded by a slew (a slew I tell you!) of Little House pieces both critical and gushy.

We’re introducing a new feature today, 7 Questions For A Witty Gentleman.  Once a week, a fella will answer our seven delightful questions.

Here’s an awesome Nellie clip to turn that frown upside down:

By Ophelia Payne

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