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It is 2:30 AM

I’m up, and drinking coffee, preparing for my first foray into Black Friday.  I do it for you, readers.   On today’s shopping agenda: Target, Michaels, Bed, Bath & Beyond, pumpkin pancakes at IHOP and Barnes & Noble.  Woo! I’m surprisingly excited, considering how much I dislike the real world and/or other people.

We have the best intentions of providing you with a full day of fun, but to be perfectly honest, it could be sketchy.  The Persephone team is spread far and wide this weekend, and while I enjoy being a tyrannical boss most of the time, I don’t fault the fine ladies and gentlemen who write for us (including myself) being less on the ball the day after Thanksgiving.  So pop in and see what we may or may not surprise you with! If the past few days worth of email is any indication, we’re seeing a whole slew of new visitors/refujezzies, so we’re picking a potentially rotten day to slack, but it is what it is.  Welcome to all the new faces anyway, we are tickled to death to have you here and hope you’ll stick around!

Hope everyone who celebrates had a great holiday yesterday and those of you lucky enough to experience a four day weekend are making the absolute most of it.

Image Credit – the description, in case you’re curious is as follows:

“De Passage” (pronounced as in French) was the Netherlands’ first covered shopping mall. Dating from the late 19th century, it contains many expensive and speciality shops.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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