Just Boot It.

I live in Canada. The snowy, icy land where the mighty polar bear reigns supreme and all you can see is blizzard for miles around. Okay, maybe not.

The truth is, the winter season in Canada varies greatly from coast to coast (not to mention from north to south), and even within a single city like Toronto, residents need to be prepared for many different kinds of weather. After nearly twenty-five Canadian winters, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I had to choose one part of my body to protect from the season over any other, it would be my feet. You can’t huddle your feet for warmth while waiting for the bus in the pitch-black six o’clock dark. You can’t fly over that enormous puddle of brown slush at the curbside (unless you can, in which case – teach me?). Style over substance, tempting as it may be, won’t get you far. So it was last year that I decided I would do it. I would take my mother’s advice. I bought a pair of winter boots.

This time of year, shops are filled with a million and a half options for winter footwear. Sometimes even that can feel like not enough. Finding the right boot is a serious mission, akin to finding the right skincare routine or the perfect hairstylist. Ideally, I would have a pair for each major weather pattern. One for serious snow and slush – these need to be above ankle-height, lined for extra warmth, treaded for balance, and waterproof. Above all, waterproof. Sorel boots are a classic winter brand – one that many individuals from cold climates will remember from their childhoods – if you’re anything like me, with a twinge of bitterness. But the Sorel of today is not the chunky, clunky brand of yesterday. They’ve got really cute options that balance seasonal necessities with a sense of fun and style. For days when there isn’t any snow or ice, these Seychelles combat-esque boots with a vintage twist are my favourite pick:

These would also work great paired with a dress or skirt and leggings for evenings.

Sometimes, it’s more raining than snowing and more wet than cold. On those occasions, a pair of sturdy rain-boots and thick wool socks (maybe two pairs) are the perfect defense. These Loeffler Randall boots are rubber with a slight wedge and a back zip – it might be worth considering buying these a size larger to make room for layering socks or so that they fit over your jeans.

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Thank you for this post. Those Loeffler Randall boots look terrific. I am holding onto two pairs of knee high boots that Lands End no longer makes.

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