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Lunchtime Poll 11/15

I’m the lady that makes every type of holiday treat and forces them on my friends.  I dip everything I can find in chocolate, I make little flavored mints in molds, I make so many cookies in so many flavors my house smells great all through November and December.   And I gladly pull out the fat pants. 

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be sharing all but my most very special goodie recipes here at Persephone, but in the meantime it gave me a great idea for a lunchtime poll.  What are your favorite homemade holiday snacks?  Are you a buckeye (peanut butter and powdered sugar balls dipped in chocolate) fan? A divinity (an almost indescribable  fluffy/chewy, white, nutty candy)  lover?  A peppermint purist?  Someone who has known the pleasure of a chocolate dipped Ritz?  Share your favorite goodies here.  If I find something new in the comments I’ll add it to my goodie bag list for this year!

By Ophelia Payne

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Pumpkin pie by far. I am the pie-maker in my family and I usually make a regular pumpkin pie and a double layer pumpkin pie that is pumpkin on top and cream cheese/cool whip on the bottom on a graham cracker crust.

I also like this bread pudding recipe that I got from Oprah that I make every few years.

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