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Lunchtime Poll 11/17

It’s hump day, so let’s make this an easy one, shall we?  For today’s lunchtime poll, I want to know your favorite places to completely waste time on the internets.   Nothing that makes you smarter or increases your productivity, sites where you go when you just want to pass time.  Personally, I have a secret passion for paperdoll sites, where I can somehow be entertained for hours by changing the .gif boots on a 2D celebrity.

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By Ophelia Payne

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I like to invent words on Urban Dictionary. Most of them are words that mean “medium” in specific contexts. Midzi, for example, means mid-sized. Avlo, means average looking. This not only doesn’t make me smarter or more productive, I think it actually makes me, and potentially others, dumber.

Retro Static is good too. I like to periodically watch the Kellogg’s “You can’t be your best, if you don’t eat a good breakfast” commercial. It’s inspiring.

Oh, and I YouTube Barbie ads from the 1980s. The Barbie Bubbling Spa ad is outstanding.

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