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Monday Night Wrap Up

I’d like to have an honest conversation with you, the regular and from-the-beginning readers, about site advertising.  You’ve seen our stumbling attempts as we try to find a money stream that jives with my peculiar ethics and the well-being of the site.  I want to know what you think about internet advertising in general, and how we can make a money stream that works for you as much as it works for us specifically.

I’m a huge ad snob.  I run the blocking software.  I hate spam and pop ups and ads that pose as content and marketing tricks.  I don’t mind being shown products I might actually buy, in moderation, with no tricks.   I don’t want to be part of an ad serving program that might promote something we’ve written against or may write against in the future.  I’m sure I’m invoking Muphrey’s Law with this and will say something blatantly hypocritical (and full of typos) in the next 24 hours.

We’ve got a handful of affiliations.  In addition to Plasticland and ThinkGeek, I’ve applied to affiliate with the Body Shop (Selena’s post today was written before any affiliation was established), Uncommon Goods and Barnes and Noble.  I  hope to reach out to a few etsy stores and indie iphone/app developers.   We’re also working with SavvySource, which markets deals towards parents of wee tots, but I have been slacking on hooking that one up.

On the product front, I am just in love with the idea of  Zazzle.   It tickles my creative bone, and I can see lots of fun possibilities there.  With no risk! Even if you all hate the stuff and wouldn’t buy it with someone else’s money, it costs us nothing but time to offer it to you.

We have two iPhone/mobile apps in development.   They will be more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.  (I love that swell old slang.  It’s neato.)

As an aside, we totally understand that for a lot of us, there is no extra money to spend on mugs or aps or affiliate products.  We never want any or our readers (or staff!) to feel pressured to do so.   If you can spend, that’s fantastic, and we promise not to point you towards crap.

Readers, you’ve been around the block a few times.  Am I being too fussy?  How do you feel about ads, products and affiliations?  If you’d rather share your opinions privately, you can always email me at opheliapayne @   As the founding readers, we welcome and respect any suggestions you can offer on we can do to keep you reading and telling your friends about us.

To reward you for reading all the business-y stuff up there, here’s some hep jams down here:

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