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Parenthood Recap: Thanksgiving, Braverman Style

I love holiday episodes of my favorite television shows. It just makes the characters seem more real. NBC’s Parenthood put on a classic Thanksgiving episode, complete with an argument over who was going to carve the turkey.

Thankfully, unlike so many episodes, I couldn’t really relate. I suppose my mom is the matriarch, but she doesn’t make an oven schedule or get up at 5:30am to get started. My dad doesn’t hide in the garage, he actually makes our heirloom stuffing (more on this ¬†Friday) and is rather involved in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day. We mostly plan the seating chart around where my grandmother will be the most comfortable, not who is squabbling with whom.

It was interesting to watch siblings and in-laws navigate differences, and the parents realize that their children were adults. I loved, loved, loved the scenes between Zeek (the patriarch) and his grandson, Drew. You don’t see or hear much from Drew, he’s a silent, brooding teen. While it appeared Zeek was only avoiding kitchen duty and his wife, he was spending his time in the garage with his generally reclusive grandson. It was time well spent.

I cheered for Hattie when she got a second kiss from her crush, Alex, and I was glad the entire family made a good impression on Crosby’s future mother-in-law. I laughed as all four Braverman siblings danced to “O.P.P.” by Naughty by Nature as they started to clean up the kitchen. My most relatable moments, were, however when Julia attempts to parent/discipline her daughter in front of her mother. It’s hard to parent on special occasions, on days you want to be perfect, because, well, it’s a holiday. . Holding firm to boundaries a child wants to push is hard, and even harder when Grandma is watching. Camille (Julia’s mom) does give a daughter a great pep talk at the end of the night– “Give yourself a break.” Wise words, Camille, wise words.

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