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Parenthood Recap: The Question You Don’t Want to Ask

This week  was the first night in awhile I wasn’t looking around my living room for cameras as I watched the Parenthood plots unfold. Last night’s show focused on what parents are willing to do for the children,  something I’m familiar with, but not in the ways it was presented in the show. It also focused on adult relationships — specifically trust in a marriage. The matriarch and patriarch of the Braverman family are still recovering from their rough patch a while back.

I did whip out my “Notes to Future Self” notebook in regards to the teen plots this week. The show featured the teenagers a little more, dealing with the issues of self-confidence and a young love. The adults involved did a great job of encouraging, listening and respecting the teen girls involved. Having a strong network of extended family is certainly an asset when working through teen feelings and issues. Hattie isn’t telling her parents about her pretty serious crush, but she confided in her grandmother. Amber’s uncle gives her a little advice which goes a long way in developing her confidence.

The episode also found Max’a parents once again, going out on a limb for him. When Kristina realizes Max wasn’t invited to a birthday party, she does what I consider “the unthinkable” — she asks the mom, and then the birthday girl why Max wasn’t invited. I wanted to crawl under a rock for her, but since it’s television, it did all work out ok. Max and Emily had a great play date and it looks like Kristina is making a new friend in the process.

I also learned this week that the Parenthood website at NBC is starting to host resources for parents related to the show, starting with tips for parents of children with Asperger’s. Heaven knows most parents feel they can use all the help they can get!

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