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We Try It: Lovely Jubblies by Lush

Let me preface this by saying that I am a Lush junkie.  If you have never heard of them before, they are bath and body shop that makes “Fresh, handmade cosmetics.”   My first impression upon entering Lush was that it looked like a cheese shop on acid – imagine Willy Wonka had decided to create a line of bath and beauty products.  The cheese shop vibe comes from the fact that they use as little packaging as possible.  Their soaps are arranged on crates, with giant “soap wheels” surrounded by slices of soap wrapped in paper.  If you can’t find a slice the size you want, they are more than happy to cut you off a fresh chunk on the spot.  The bath bombs are displayed in open crates like a street-side fruit vendor.  The result is a colorful, fragrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Recently they debuted a new product called Lovely Jubblies (“for perky racks”).  Here is the product description, straight from the Winter 2010 Lush Times:

“Inspiring men and women alike, Lovely Jubblies gives some lurve to your curves and peps up your puppies.  Meadowsweet tightens;  tiger lily firms and oodles of organic oils keep your ladies soft and supple.”

I was intrigued.  Who wouldn’t be?  It seemed like a lot to ask from a jar of lotion.  So, skeptically curious, I got some to try for myself.

To start with, it is slightly expensive.  The 3.5 oz pot is $24.95 (US).  I say “slightly expensive” because this is one of those things where I’m sure you can find firming lotions that cost anywhere from $5 to $500.  Cosmetic pricing is a mystery to me, but $25 is more than I usually spend on one thing.

Now, about the claims that it will firm, tighten and soften the girls.  From my perspective, the physical results were subtle.  My husband selflessly offered to give me a second opinion and he said there was definitely a difference.  While there may have been some firming up, I am over thirty-five and I’ve given birth to, and nursed, two children – there’s only so much that meadowsweet can do.  However, the psychological lift was undeniable.  There’s something about knowing that your boobs are all moisturized and smelling good that makes you stand a little taller and puts a bounce in your step.

That’s something that I haven’t mentioned yet.  Lovely Jubblies also has lemongrass oil, ylang-ylang oil and jasmine absolute so it smells sweet and flowery.  This is actually the only drawback for me.  I am weird about floral scents.  The fragrance lasts all day, not overpoweringly – just enough that you know it is there, but after a few hours any floral gives me a headache.  I prefer sweet/fruity perfumes.  If Lush ever comes out with an apple scented boob cream I will be all over that s#*t.  (On a side note;  the best advice I’ve ever gotten about perfume is that a lady’s scent should be discovered, not announced.  I think there are many women, and men, who could benefit from hearing this.)

The Verdict:

Does it inspire men and women alike?  Absolutely

Does it firm and/or tighten?  Sort of

Fragrance?  Great, if you like jasmine

Am I glad I bought it?  Yes

Will I buy it again?  Probably not

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