Roxxxy, the Official Mascot of Rape Culture

Thanks to a few midnight episodes of Real Sex on HBO, I was familiar with the concept of the Real Doll, a lifelike synthetic woman doll costing upwards of $5000.  Unlike the charming love story of Lars and the Real Girl (which I may view as charming only because it features Ryan Gosling), I’m guess most fellas who buy Real Dolls aren’t in it for the friendly companionship.

I’m certainly not one to judge anyone for their private proclivities.  I have a few electronic friends I am quite fond of, so if someone has the means to purchase a slightly creepy looking sex doll, more power to them.  Real Dolls are, in fact, just dolls.  Dolls with a vagina and an anus, but hey, it’s not like they’re made for kids.

I do get a rather intense case of heebs, however, from a new sex doll from a company called Truecompanion.   Roxxy is a next generation sex doll, she’s actually a sex robot.  Her vagina, mouth and anus have motors.  Okay, I sense a little danger at putting your junk that close to a motorized squeeze hole, but again, private proclivities are just that.   The problem with Roxxxy is her personalities.   She comes pre-programmed with a base personality with the option of utilizing five other pre-programmed personalities.  To wit:

  • Frigid Farrah ““ She is reserved and shy
  • Wild Wendy ““ She is outgoing and adventurous
  • S&M Susan ““ She is ready to provide your pain/pleasure fantasies
  • Young Yoko ““ She is oh so young (barely 18) and waiting for you to teach her
  • Mature Martha ““ She is very experienced and would like to teach you!

Roxxxy also has a heartbeat and a circulatory system! The circulatory system helps heat the inside of her body.
You can build your own additional Girlfriend Personalities:

  • You can add to the 5 preloaded girlfriend profiles and your Roxxxy’s personality. You can also change the existing 5 personalities to better suit your preferences!
  • Share your girlfriends with your friends by swapping them back and forth online! For example, you lend your custom built girlfriend “Sexy Sally” to one of your friends online ““ but he can only “use” her until Sunday morning and then she needs to be returned to you! Until Sunday morning, he can “engage” your girlfriend by using your Sexy Susan personality with his Roxxxy sex robot! You also have the option of sharing your girlfriends with everyone in our forum if you would like. You will also have access to everyone else’s girlfriends, if they allow them to be shared!
  • This is the same as wife or girlfriend swapping without any of the social issues or sexual disease related concerns!

Hoo boy.  Does anyone else get a very uncomfortable feeling in their gut about “Frigid Farrah”? This article from Reportage Online, offers a few additional bits of information which they claim came from the website, although I couldn’t find the direct quotes. They claim the Frigid Farrah personality resists the owner’s sexual advances. The description I found said that made her great for if you just wanted to talk. (Roxxxy talks and listens, as well as offering a variety of motorized orifices.) I am somehow doubtful the description I read  on the website is the intended or potential use of poor Roxxxy.

I’m actually kind of hoping Roxxxy goes  Cylon and an army of her rise up in the Truecompanion factories and mom’s basements everywhere.

What do you think, readers?  Harmless plaything or proxy rape victim?

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

One reply on “Roxxxy, the Official Mascot of Rape Culture”

Honestly, this seems like a really gray area. After all, if two partners engage in BDSM or a rape fantasy, both of them are really consenting to the activity, right? And a Roxxxy is really just a doll, so consent isn’t an issue. However, the idea of engaging in a rape fantasy with something that CAN’T consent to it, seems really creepy to me, and like it could extend into real life in horrible ways. Forcing yourself onto an object that protests is basically what is happening here, and if a man views real women as merely sexual objects ( and I would think the kind of man who buys one of these probably does, but I could be wrong) then it isn’t too far a step to him forcing himself onto a an “object” that protests in real life.

I don’t know if I;’m really clear here, and sorry for the length but this seems to be crossing some sort of line, and frankly, this concerns me.

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