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So Friday Happened

As our regular readers noticed, we were super light on posts on Friday.  I was down with what I likened to the plague, our communication sort of fell apart (also my fault) and Meghan just kept plugging away, because she’s awesome and may in fact be a Cylon. 

Today we are so on the ball you might choke on the clouds of productivity we’re kicking up over here in Persephone world today.  Today is the first day on the job for new writer Slay Belle, who has all sorts of neat ideas she’ll be bringing your way.  Please join me in saying hello and making her feel welcome.  We’ve got a couple other new writers debuting this week, watch this space for details.

Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing Alison Arngrim.  I’ve almost stopped squeeing like a Bieber fan, so we should be money tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for me at around 1!  If I can get everything typed up and organized, I’ll be running the interview on Thursday surrounded by other Little House on the Prairie themed posts.   If you’d like to play along, we’re looking for contributions in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Recap your favorite episode of LHotP.
  2. Write about the character with whom you identified the most
  3. Compare/Contrast LH to a modern show of your choice
  4. Create a parody Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr piece of fan art (as in not an actual fake account, use your Photoshop skills) for a LH character.
  5. Critically examine a social or political issue featured on LHotP
  6. If one of you can write Little House fanfic I will worship and name a future car/cat after you.  Because that would be epic.

Two videos to get your day started, the first one is Laura kicking Nellie’s ass.  Over the most vanilla man in all of Walnut Grove, Almanzo.   Throughout my childhood, I thought Dean Butler was also Luke Skywalker.  True fact.  I didn’t see Star Wars part anything until the mid-nineties, I’m a shameful geek.

The second, apropos of nothing, is Canadian National Treasure Anne Murray singing Danny’s Song.

By Ophelia Payne

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