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Some Enchanted Gleevening

Aw! Before I unleash the inner cynic who keeps my writing snappy, I’d like to say I think Kurt is adorable and I’m so glad he made a new friend.  Kurt breaks my heart every week, why are those Glee kids so fickle about having his back? C’mon, the dozen of you could totally knock Ham Hock into a locker or two, or at least change his mind with song.  When Frodo is down you carry his ass up the hill.

Having someone else’s back was the theme of Tuesday night’s Glee, and I think the episode had great intentions.  I don’t think it hit on all counts, but we’ll get to that.  First, let’s talk about the stuff I thought was great.  Like confetti canons.  I want to fill my life with confetti cannons.  Selena: I have fed the cats and met today’s obligations. *poof* Seasonally appropriate confetti everywhere as I laugh maniacally, hands on hips.  Sue Sylvester, I want to run away and start a traveling show with you.  By day we can fight crime.

Ms. Biest also did not disappoint, although a part of me kind of wanted her to punch Schue in the kidneys when he kissed her.  Ms. Biest does not need your pity kisses, William, you are not the prize you think you are.

Chord Overstreet does look like Macauley Caulkin’s stunt double.  I’m not warming to him.  I’m telling you, by the end of the season we’re going to discover he was created by SkyNet.  The Harmonizer Moppet-100.

The ladies completely tore up Start Me Up/Livin’ on a Prayer.

Schue: I don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater… Brittany: I’ve totally done that.

There can never be too much of Artie’s smooth baritone, which is a nice balance for auto-tuned T-Puck.  The harmonies on the Marley song were really pretty.

Kurt made a great new friend and somebody finally has his back! I felt squishier than a Team Edward fan when Kurt was beaming at what must be the most adorable boy chorus since Greek times.  I really hated the song, but loved how they sold it.

I’m on the fence about several things.  At the top of the list: I think they went too sugary sweet with Kurt and Blaine’s first scenes together at the school.  They totally had me by the squee bone until the slow motion shot with the blur filter as the (unspeakably cute) boys ran through the hallways of the fancy school.  Admittedly, I’m a threat level: Grinch style of cynic.  I may also be tarnished by the song, which is a personal affront to the sensibilities and an insult to the collective intelligence of America’s youth by even existing at all.  (get. off. my. lawn.)

I rather like the episodes where Rachel is in the background.  Now if we could get a low Rachel ep in the same hour as a low Schue ep.  I’m bored with creepy Schue, and he’s become the most bizarre single white dude on a television platform with Charlie Sheen on it.   Here’s to sending both he and Rachel to NYC on an unfilmed spy mission.  They can also take Puck.

Oh, Puck.  I used to watch this show and giggle a little to myself as you flexed and dropped one liners.  You had such potential, Puck.  Now I feel like I’m watching Mark Salling.  Don’t buy your own hype, dude.  That almost never ends well.

I’m also on the fence about the boys’ En Vogue/Supremes mash up.  It felt like it was about to get awesome several times, but never quite came through.  See also: Puck criticism above.

All in all, it was sort of a hodgepodge of an episode.  It’s nice to finally see Kurt meet someone who gets him, and I hope we get to see lots more of Blaine in the future.  (Duet! Duet! Duet!) Singing less Katy Perry.  Please to also let Kurt kiss someone he wants to kiss.  I give it a B-.  Points up for letting a gay kid do normal kid stuff on television, a few great songs and Hogwarts of Lima.  Points down for no one besides Blaine helping Kurt, Katy Perry, scenery gnawing Puck, creepy Schue and making En Vogue sound like dentist office music.

*poof* Orange, brown and red turkey shaped confetti everywhere.

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“I may also be tar­nished by the song, which is a per­sonal affront to the sen­si­bil­i­ties and an insult to the col­lec­tive intel­li­gence of America’s youth by even exist­ing at all.”

I downloaded it and listened to it on repeat for about an hour.


Great Glee-cap! I thought it was pretty hodge-podge too, especially the music (well, except for Teenage Dream, heh)

“Ms. Biest does not need your pity kisses, William, you are not the prize you think you are.”

YES. That’s exactly how I felt about that scene. He had the same condescending attitude that he often had/has towards Emma, and it’s obnoxious.

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