Surprisingly Feminist Website: Cracked

If you’re anything like me, you gravitate toward websites/blogs and news outlets that lean liberal, and more important, lean feminist. But you also have interests and hobbies that are unrelated to politics, and sometimes you have to switch your feminist radar to “standby” when you wade into other websites.

But sometimes you’ll notice that a site that you wander into for a specific reason isn’t hostile to women, and in fact may go out of its way to include feminist content. One such website is

Cracked is a popular site run by a collection of writers, mostly male, who write about history, pop culture, movies, TV, and video games. In other words, nerds. I usually check out their newest posts, but I gravitate specifically toward their video game coverage and commentary. It was on a video game article that I first noticed, much to my surprise, that Cracked has a decidedly feminist bent.

I should clarify that there’s nothing inherently unfeminist about Cracked (or any subsequent “Surprisingly Feminist Websites” I may write about). It’s just that I go there for something specific (nerdy humor) and am pleased to see that they are women-friendly. (Just don’t read the comments. Like, ever.)

The Cracked writers, again mostly but not exclusively male, have criticized a popular video game for being anti-woman. They have dismantled stereotypes about women. They have torn apart the horrible advice on the internet about talking to (at) women. The list goes on.

While this is not groundbreaking journalism, nor is it a shock to see such a popular site including feminism in their content, it is simply a relief. It’s so nice to see a nonchalantly feminist website out there, especially one that regularly picks apart popular culture. In the nerd universe, issues like sexy female game characters or misconceptions about the games women want to play may lead you to believe that there isn’t a place for feminism in gaming. But Surprisingly Feminist Websites like Cracked prove that that isn’t necessarily true. I love you nerds.


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I read Cracked quite often and I agree to a certain extent that there is a pleasantly surprising level of feminist content (and you are SO right–never read the comments!). I especially loved that article on LadyMags and sex tips–but, I will say that sometimes when I’m reading I get that smacked-in-the-face feeling. You know, when you suddenly realize the article assumes the reader is a man? Do you ever get that feeling? Like you’re just reading along with everybody else, laughing your ass off, and then suddenly the next joke makes it clear that the intended audience is guys? I’m not really articulating myself well today, but my point is that that is one of my biggest pet peeves: when male writers don’t even bother to acknowledge their female readership. So even though there may be a feminist bent to the theme of the stories, there’s also a presumed masculinity of not only the audience but of the comedy itself. Still, I love it–indeed, sometimes you just have to put your feminist radar on standby!

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