Just for Fun

Thanksgiving By The Numbers

3 Million – Number of attendees at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is why you will never see me there

46 Million – Turkeys that will be munched on at Thanksgiving this year

counting blessings2 – Turkeys that were spared slaughter when they were “pardoned” by President Obama this year

40 Million – Green bean casseroles will be served

816 – Average miles traveled for the holiday weekend

1,618 – Miles (0ne way) yours truly will be traveling this weekend

4,500 – Calories in the average Thanksgiving meal

4,500 – Estimated number of calories in this Paula Deen “Deep Fried Stuffing On A Stick” which fortunately looks unappealing enough that the calorie content will likely never be an issue:

stuffing on a stick. nasty.

0 – Number of Turduckens I am interested in eating. Ever.

12 – Number of  “Thanksgiving Jello Shots” Sandra Lee probably consumes before creating one of her infamous tablescapes or Kwanzaa cakes.

100 – percentage of your weird uncles who will unbutton their pants while still seated at the table

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