The Furious Kitchen: The Dollar Menu

I thought this article from the New York Times about what foods cost a dollar was interesting, but it didn’t really mean anything to me.  I am probably not going to escargot in a can any time soon, and I wouldn’t know how much food that really is.  I decided to conduct my own project to see what I can get for a dollar from the food I buy regularly. This was all from one shopping trip to my local grocery store where I did not use coupons.  I am in no way a food photographer and I don’t have a food scale, so weights are approximate.  I was kind of impressed to see that some of my snacks cost less than a dollar – for instance I frequently eat a rice cake and peanut butter or Ritz crackers and string cheese.  But the food with more nutrients that is usually more filling for me, cranberries and Greek yogurt, for instance, which I enjoy for breakfast costs more than a dollar due to the yogurt.

4 and a half chocolate rice Cakes
4.5 Chocolate Rice Cakes
two english muffins
Two Cranberry English Muffins (seasonal!)
4 oz greek yogurt
4 ounces Greek Yogurt
One sleeve ritz crackers
One sleeve Ritz crackers
2 and a quarter string cheese
2.25 String Cheese (Polly-O Twists)
six ounces Cranberries
Six ounces fresh cranberries
Six ounces whole wheat pasta
Six ounces whole wheat spiral pasta

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