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This Title Needs Proofread


That title? Should read: This Title Needs to be Proofread  or This Title Needs Proofreading. (I almost changed it. ~ed)

I don’t know how else to explain it, but leaving out the verb “to be” is just wrong, and it shouldn’t happen. I know it ‘s a regional thing (much like my rant on “where’s that at?”) but still, it’s English and it shouldn’t happen.

Technically, it’s what? Four more characters,by adding “to be”  or three more characters to add “-ing”. But here’s the thing – you’re adding 5 more IQ points to your profile using those extra characters. Trust me on this one.

Need more examples?

This pot needs cleaned.  NO! No it doesn’t!!! “This pot needs to be cleaned,” is much cleaner grammar.

This pencil needs sharpened. NO! This shows you’re dull! Sharpen your wit by saying, “This pencil needs sharpening”.

This coffee needs reheated.  NO! Clearly you need more caffeine to express yourself correctly, “I need to reheat this coffee”  makes you sound way hotter.

Ok, this soapbox needs put up.

No, wait…..putting away my soapbox until next week. Yeah, that’s it!

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