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Top 10 TV Series on Netflix Instant

So you have a lot of free time on your hands, maybe because you don’t have a job.  Sure you could start making your way through the classic literature that you Cliffs Notesed your way through in High School.  But why read when you can watch.  With the exception of Friends, I don’t re-watch shows I’ve seen before.  So I have been taking this opportunity to make my way through the best TV shows that I had never seen.

10: Columbo.

I know this is a random one, but I think it’s good to go back to the classics.  Peter Falk may have one glass eye, but he’s like Mad Eye Moody ““ that glass eye can see into your very soul.

9. Quantum Leap

This one is another blast from the past.  I have to admit that I did not watch this on Instant, because Mr. Furious owns the complete series.  I think that House took a page from Quantum Leap’s book of formulaic plots that are neatly resolved JUST before someone’s untimely death.  Every episode of Quantum Leap involves Scott Bakula’s Sam Beckett leaping into a strange body, scrambling around to find out who he is and why he’s there, screwing up, and then resolving the issue and leaping out just before he’s electrocuted or whatever fate would befall him.  I like the predictability though.  You may not know when you’re going to start work again, but at least Sam and his holographic sidekick Al always come through.

8. X-Files

Maybe you watched this series when it was on originally.  Or maybe, like me, you only caught the late night re-runs when you were in college.  Either way it’s worth revisiting this show, even if you only make it up until Mulder is abducted off the show and becomes a pervert IRL.

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This is one that’s perfect for watching during your unemployment period, because if you have a job you are probably going to want to call out when you get sucked into this series.

6. Psych

I don’t know about you but when I’m a little down and out I don’t really want to watch anything that’s going to be too taxing.  Psych is a fun show with the kind of loveable genius goof-off reminiscent of Ferris Beuller that so many shows like to cast as protagonists.  It’s an easy one to put on while you’re updating that resume.

7. Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me’s heroine George has the smart-alecky attitude that I apparently like in my women since her type is making many reappearances in this list.  If you’re not familiar with the premise of the show, George is a disaffected early 20’s woman who is killed by an errant toilet seat and has to become a grim reaper.  The show is what I exactly what I look for in my days-on-end tv marathon ““ a weird concept, sarcastic lines, and Mandy Patinkin.

6. Dexter

The serial killer with the heart of gold, what more is there to say?  I love rooting for someone with questionable morals.  If you had watched previous seasons but haven’t seen season 4 yet, it’s on Instant.  John Lithgow is a-mazing in that season.

5. Arrested Development

If you never got on board with this show when it first aired, like most people, now is the time to catch it.  Supposedly the highly anticipated movie is in the works.  See what all the fuss is about and get hyped up in time to be disappointed by the movie that will fail to live up to your expectations.

4.  Dr. Who

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Dr. Who, everyone’s favorite Netflix Instant indulgence.  I have to admit I’ve never seen it, but I’ve seen enough references plastered all over the internet for me to think it probably needs to make my top 10 list.

3. Avatar The Last Airbender

Speaking of disappointing movies, here is another series you can get into and then get hopeful for the movie that came out last year and then be disappointed in it.  The series is worth checking out.  Don’t be put off just because it’s a cartoon, the plot is more complex than most shows on TV now.

2. Weeds

After the first 2 seasons, Nancy becomes less and less likeable and relatable, to the point that I haven’t watched it at all this season.  That said, the first seasons are pretty great and feature those sarcastic leading ladies I love so much.

1. Veronica Mars

This is my inspiration for writing this list.  I am obsessed with Veronica Mars, in fact I’m watching it as I write this.  This is a show that definitely did not get its due when it first aired, and I would gladly pay twice as much as I pay for Netflix just as a thank you for bringing Veronica Mars into my life.  [Yeah, thanks for passing on the addiction. ~ed.]

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I must relay some awful news. Dexter is available on instant through Season 2. It WAS available through Season 4 when I first started watching Dexter on my Roku, but as soon as I finished Season 2? Gone! You can only get Seasons 3 and 4 in the mail now (grumble grumble).

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