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We Interupt Today to Bring You This

Below the cut is the trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special.  I know my fellow Whovians have probably already seen it, but I think we can agree it deserves as many homes on the web as it can get.  Also, there are people who write for this very blog who have not yet discovered The Doctor.

I know! It’s hard for us who are already in the know to understand, but there was a time before we knew of the awesomeness, too.   In fact, I only started watching this past summer, and here I am ready to sonic screwdriver everyone until they watch.  It’s that good, people! It’s lady yogurt commercial good! For those of you already on board down in Whoville, we actually get to see the Christmas special on Christmas day here in the states on BBCA, instead of having to wait a week or longer, as in previous years.  As Dustin at Pajiba (where I saw this originally) said, we must have been good little companions this year.  I’ll stop, before Luci comes over here and steals my exclamation point key.  Anyway, watch the preview.   And check out our affiliate Think Geek’s Who related stuff by clicking on the banner below.

Christmas Who thumbnail  Image Credit – click the thumbnail for full size! It’s a great one!

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