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We Try It: Eyebrow Threading

I’ve been getting my eyebrows waxed on and off for the past 15 years or so. I go through spurts where I get them done with every haircut, and spurts where I don’t even tweeze them for weeks on end. I have dark, thick eyebrows, so the lack-of-tweezing definitely  gets noticed (at least by me). A girlfriend of Greek descent (also with the dark, thick eyebrows) and I agree, a 10 minute brow wax can act like a face lift.

So it was curiousity that first led me to the eyebrow botique in the mall with boasts a procedure called “threading”. Somehow a piece of thread was going to remove my eyebrows, one tiny little hair at a time.

It’s the one tiny little hair at a time, I’ve decided, that makes this the less than ideal procedure for me personally. With brow wax, you feel the warm wax, and then all the hair comes out in one quick motion. A good aesthetician can do my eyebrows in three strokes — the middle and then each eyebrow. A little clean up with the tweezers and I’m done.

This threading business seems to take  a whole lot longer, because the technician needs to roll the thread over each hair which needs to be pulled. If it’s been awhile since the last waxing/threading, this can be tedious (AND PAINFUL).

I have, however, met a few threading enthusiasts, who’d rather subject themselves to the thread, rather than the wax. A friend’s daughter, who is an albino, says that waxing isn’t even an option for her delicate skin. In her case, the threading technique was much less painful. Another girlfriend echos those sentiments — she too has delicate, sensitive skin, and an eyebrow wax can actually cause her to bleed. Threading is a good alternative that doesn’t cause her as much pain or suffering, but does get rid of the monobrow look she tries to avoid.

Every time I run into the threading salon (because on a whim, I decide it’s time to take back my eyebrows), I’m reminded why it’s better to call the beauty school down the street and make an actual appointment for a brow wax. This last time, the technician asked me several times if I was ok, because there were tears slowly dripping from my eyes. I think that’s a definite sign I need to stay on the brow wax side of this beauty debate.

Have you tried threading? Do you have a preferred method for battling the monobrow?

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I tried threading a few times because I have really sensitive skin and I had heard it was a better option than waxing. But I have to say, I was disappointed. However, in fairness to the method, I think the problem was the threader (is that the technical term?). The last time I went, I’m not sure what happened but I ended up bleeding. Since I go to a salon that uses wax that is specifically for sensitive skin, I decided that was my cue to go back to waxing and just deal with the redness.

I LOVE threading! It’s the hair removal method of choice for most Indian/Middle Eastern women. I have dark skin, and the once time I got my eyebrows waxed, the skin was noticeably lighter for days. I feel threading is much more gentle. I get my upper lip threaded too, which I think hurts more than my eyebrows. Threading is also MUCH cheaper than waxing, especially if you find a salon that caters to ethnic women. Yelp has a great selection for most major cities.

As for time, it takes about ten minutes to get my eyebrows and upper lip waxed. Threading is great for women who have a lot of facial hair. I know some who get their chin, forehead, sideburns, etc. waxed too. For women with dark hair, having groomed eyebrows make a huge difference in appearance.

I’m obsessed with threading as you can tell. I know its not for everyone but feel free to ask me any questions if you are curious.

I much prefer threading over waxing, even though I find threading hellishly painful. I have Indian ancestry so maybe that’s why the technique really works for me, my sister and her daughter. After a threading session our brows are perfectly arched and delineated. And it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all either. The threader threads according to the natural brow shape. I also find that the effect lasts quite long and the hair grows back finer and more slowly.

No, never tried it. Haven’t waxed my brows either, but I have wispy Asian brows. However I’ve been aware of threading from watching period Chinese films. Women used it to neaten their hairlines.

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