We try it!

We Try It: Vitamin E

Now that my acne is finally starting to clear up (Thank you jeebus!) I am left with a significant amount of red marks.  They are difficult to conceal even with make-up and in some ways even more frustrating than pimples because they are unattractive without the benefit of being poppable.  Obviously I am interested in clearing them up as soon as possible. Enter: Vitamin E.  The cheapest way to do it is just to buy Vitamin E capsules from your drug store.  I think they overprice the oil they sell in the bottle and it’s the same thing.  Then you just prick the capsule with a pin, squeeze out the oil and put it on your scars.

Yvitamin Eou’re not supposed to put the vitamin E on any pimples, only the scars.  Because of that I have only been able to consistently use the Vitamin E regularly recently.  The downsides of the vitamin E are that it is sticky.  You’ll want to avoid cuddling with any pets while you have it on.  It doesn’t smell that great, but it’s not horrible.  I put it on after I have washed my face in the evening, then I rub it in and let it absorb for a half hour or so before putting on the lotion I put on before bed.  I just take the rest of the capsule after I have put as much on my face as I need.

So far I think it’s working.  It seems to have been especially helpful for the leftover scabs and dry patches that seem to take forever to heal.  I’m not a controlled study, but I am going to keep trying it.  It certainly hasn’t made my skin any worse and since it’s a fraction of the cost of laser surgery, it’s worth a try.

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